Robert Debbane is a painter, photographer, lighting designer and installation artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He received a BA in Studio Arts from Wesleyan University in 2000, where he spent a semester abroad in India. In 2001 he returned to India and traveled throughout Asia for a year. Debbane's interest in traditional Indian textiles and the contoured landscapes of Asian rice terraces and tea plantations have continued to inform his work. He received an MFA from Hunter College in New York in 2009.

In recent work, Debbane has investigated representations of the infinite and the unknowable, taking special interest in Islamic tile patterns like those found in his ancestral home of Saida, Lebanon. He had his first solo exhibition at Alex Gallery in Washington, DC in 2005, and his work is owned by collectors internationally in New York, Beirut, and Mexico City. Since 2011, Debbane has been developing a series of 3D printed lighting designs called Lamparati. 

For more information, or to inquire about ordering a lighting design, please contact:
+1 301.257.4004